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Created on Jul 15, 2021

NaturalONE: Display fieldoffset

For a external sorting procedure, the exact position of field in a dataset is required.

Today it is possible to input the dataset in a texteditor and search for the respective record position manually. A great problem is, when all the values are numeric. But there are some more problems with large datasets, to find the correct position in the record which does not contain any specific, easily detectable values.

In a modern integrated development environment like NaturalONE, it should be easy to make this information available for the software developer.

One possible solution might be to use the offset information as a tooltip or in a new column in the properties.

This requirement applies to all data objects with contains fielddefinition information like local data (LDA), parameter data (PDA) or global data (GDA).

NatualONE already knows the exact starting position of a fielddefinition to determine an error message, but this information is not displayed to the developer.

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