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Created on Jul 15, 2021

USR8210N additional parameter field for filename by function start

Natural parametermodul contains no value in parameterfield "RESNAME", filename for profileing information will be automatically generated (current userID and timestamp). The profileing process is controlled by the SAG routine USR8210N with start/pause from the NATURAL-environment via API.

When profileing process is started via ApplinX, the UserID with timestamp is used in every case.

In this case, the UserID contains allways "LISAGSR", because the executable object start the ApplinX NATURAL-session from the service userid LISAGSR.

Inside the ApplinX NATURAL-environment, there is the correct UserID (*USER) active (e.g. BYB).

Is there a way to use a different filename with additional parameter field (e.g. BYB_20170202_1400256) when calling the start function from routine USR8210N?

Created on Brainstorm 02/03/2017 01:58
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