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Status Future consideration
Categories Natural (NAT)
Created by Douglas Kelly
Created on Jul 27, 2021

Secure storage/retrieval of passwords such as EXX passwords

Currently, calling secured EntireX services requires calling RPC-CNTX or USR2071N/USR2702N/USR2074N/etc to pass in a user id and password. There's no provision for providing anything other than a clear text password, so it ends up in clear text in the calling program and/or invocation (e.g. USR2072P).

Please provide a means to store and retrieve passwords in a secure manner. Or, better yet, provide interface to allow secure tokens to be used.

Use Case Improved security of credentials.
Created on Brainstorm 07/26/2021 03:04 PM
Brainstorm ID 9308
  • Douglas Kelly
    Jul 28, 2023

    Could an etbnattr encrypted password be passed to RPC-CNTX/USR2072/etc?


provide API for EntireX passwords that accepts encrypted value

Currently USR2072N is called to send in an EntireX Security password, but USR2072N only accepts a clear text password, which makes it difficult to hide. If there was an API that could send in the encrypted form (e.g. as encrypted by etbnattr) it w...
Douglas Kelly 11 months ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud / Security 1 Future consideration