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Status Released
Categories Natural (NAT) Security
Created by Hezi Shirazi
Created on Dec 26, 2022

NATRPCxx is called in the so-called system mode and have limited steplib list

We are using many of the USRnnnn user exits.The Natural library SYSEXT is always a steplib, to all Natural processes, including Natural RPCs.
We don't copy any USRnnnn to any of the fuser libraries.
We are implementing NATRPC02 and NATRPC03 with the Natural RPC servers.
From the documentation:
"NATRPC01 must be located in library SYSTEM on FUSER. The steplib concatenation of the library to which the server currently is logged on is not evaluated".
We also know that "NATRPCxx is called in the so-called system mode. In this mode the stepib chain is: - SYSLIB - SYSLIBS - SYSTEM in FNAT - SYSTEM in FUSER.
This issue force us to copy USRnnnn to library SYSTEM, and to remember to update the user exits every Natural upgrade.
We don't like to work this way. Can you add SYSEXT to the steplib of Natural RPC? Any other solution would be welcome.