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Status Planned
Workspace EntireX
Created by Hezi Shirazi
Created on Aug 7, 2023

Remove Unused elements in array

When creating a multi dimensional array, not all elements in the array are full (if it all Numeric fields we will have all zeros). So, we actually dont need to send the empty elements, because there actually not supposed to be sent.

So, Ia want to enable on Listener a new option - Remove Element with all zeros / mixed all zeros and empty string or null

  • Hezi Shirazi
    Aug 8, 2023


    Yes you are right

    A new option to Listener should be added, due the way Natural array (dynamic) are working

  • Admin
    Gadi Benedek
    Aug 7, 2023

    Based on our session we assume that this relates to the Null Value Suppression in EntireX Adapter.

    The current settings are incremental. The last suppression mode "Suppress null elements and trim array cells at end containing null elements and zero numbers" includes the previous suppression modes and in addition suppresses numeric fields with value 0 (both: scalar and array elements).

    Please confirm that you request a new suppression mode to suppress only numeric values in arrays (not scalar fields).