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Status New
Categories Natural (NAT)
Created by Hezi Shirazi
Created on May 22, 2024

handle db connection with rpc server


In our environment we are using REST API to access Natural RPC servers.

I have noticed that the RPC process isn’t closing its db (adabas) connections.
Using ADAOPR DI=UQ_FILE I saw that NATRPC is still holding files that a request that had ran long time ago accessed.
In this case, it is not possible to execute utilities like ADADBM REFRESH, or ADADBM ADD_FIELD.

For me, it means that the REST-API request isn’t a stateless REST-API.

To solve this issue I have written a Natural function that close Adabas conecction, and I have set it in NATRPC01/03 (exit/Error).

I think that the current behavior isn’t suitable or correct for now days (working with REST-APIs).

I would like to have an option that will cause Natural RPC Server to close the connection to the database after every request.

Use Case Natural RPC & Adabas
  • Anat Devir
    Jun 6, 2024

    The requirement is to have Natural RPC supporting stateless Rest APIs.

  • Hezi Shirazi
    Jun 5, 2024

    same when a request run usr2005n (mapping db files)

    When another request comes after, it gets the mapping, which is wrong