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Status Under development
Workspace Natural for Ajax
Created by Detlef Ziermann
Created on Jul 11, 2021

Completion century controlled by parameters

Currently the njx input controls don’t
support any parms to control the completion of a 6-digit date input with the
century. In the case of a 6-digit date input, the century is set to 2000, if
the year is in the period 00-49. If the year is in the period 50-99, century is
set to 1900.

To ensure compatibility between NAT (e.g.
MOVE EDITED) and NJX, NJX should also support a parm similar to NATPARM YSLW to
interpret the century of a 6-digit date input.

Created on Brainstorm 08/22/2017 07:30 AM
Brainstorm ID 5125