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Status Released
Workspace Natural for Ajax
Created by Terry Shipman
Created on Mar 23, 2022

Enhancement to add an XML Control to a Calendar

We are requesting the ability to have the DATEINPUT2 control display a GIF calendar, with that ability in the XML to handle the following:

  1. Be able to use the edit mask to change the view portion of the date returned in a format that the user can decide on – be it YYYYMMDD / MM DD YY / MM DD YYYY ….

  2. Be able to handle the internal format that the program would like on the back end - be it YYYYMMDD or other forms.

  3. Be able to allow the user to decide on what day the calendar starts on - be it either SUN or MON. ( this is also handled in the natural program but we would rather it be handled in the XML)

Please Let us know if additional information is needed.