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Workspace Natural for Ajax
Created by Dana Sherbondy
Created on Jun 3, 2022

placeholder support in other controls

The responsive BMOBILE:FFIELD has a placeholder property.
The non-responsive FIELD control currently does not have a placeholder property. In the non-responsive FIELD you could use the title property for showing a corresponding tooltip. The FIELD control also supports a titletextid so that you can add tooltip texts for multi languages.

If the tooltips do not meet the customer's requirements and it is sufficient for the customer to add a placeholder property to the FIELD control, we can add it for the next NJX914 fix:

If this is not sufficient because the customer also needs placeholder support in other controls or if the customer needs to provide the placeholder text as textids for multi-language support, then please add a corresponding enhancement request to Aha. This would go beyond the scope of a 914 FIX.

Related to SI-470100.

Use Case use of the Placeholder control for better customer experience
  • Dana Sherbondy
    Jun 7, 2022

    This requirement as desired by the customer is in the June 2022 release of 9.1.4. See SI-470100 for more details. This AHA request is no longer needed.

    - Dana