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Programing Syntax (Cross platforms)

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Functions SEARCH and VERIFY

PL/1 offers three similar functions for looking in strings: INDEX, which resembles our EXAMINE ... FOR ... POSITION IN .... SEARCH, which returns the position of the first matching character of a given set in a target string VERIFY, which returns ...
Philippe Van Coppenolle 4 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) / Programing Syntax (Cross platforms) 1 Released


Background: Occasionally, we want to access the LAST record in a file, but there is no simple way to do this. For Adabas files with the option ISN-Reusage=No,a feature such as READ (1) DESCENDING BY ISN would achieve this requirement simply & ...

New Natural System Command, e.g. WHICH <module>, to determine called module

New Natural command idea: " WHICH <module> ". Shall return the library (dbid,fnr), which a called module was loaded from. It could also return the complete search path (all searched libraies, wher the modeule has not been found). It can be h...
Georg Schmitt over 2 years ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) / Natural Security (NSC) / Programing Syntax (Cross platforms) 0 Released