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ADAMUP to read mainframe unload dataset.

Allow ADAMUP to read a mainframe load dataset - saving the time to decompress and compress. The FDT of the load dataset should be compared to the DB FDT before start. For rehostings - this would shorten the time needed for go-live and reduce MF pr...
Bjarne Soerensen over 1 year ago in Adabas for Linux and Cloud / Adabas (ADA-Linux) / Re-Hosting / Usability 2 Under Review

[RBAC]: Authorization for Adabas LUW Utilities

If activating the feature in adaauth.ini with parameter ACTION = YES the USER_ROLE in adarbac.ini using UserID = * is changed to the real Unix User and the utility adarep (example: adarep dbid=3) gets error ADAREP-E-ACNOPERM, Security violation....
Andreas Heitzer almost 3 years ago in Adabas for Linux and Cloud / Adabas (ADA-Linux) / RBAC / Re-Hosting / Security 0 Under Review