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Natural for Ajax (NJX)

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Snippet Library for Ajax Layout Samples

Sometimes you want to add some specific user interface snippets like an input group with error marking, help icons as popovers and small information text for your end-users to your layout page. Or you want to simply apply a specific icon - like a ...
Christine Zimmermann 25 days ago in Natural for Ajax / Natural for Ajax (NJX) 0 Under Review

Layout Painter to not remove comments in XML

Layout Painter editor removes comments in the XML. This would help with adding comments in the xml for documentation purposes.
Jeffrey Empaces over 1 year ago in Natural for Ajax / Natural for Ajax (NJX) 0 Future consideration

placeholder support in other controls

The responsive BMOBILE:FFIELD has a placeholder property. The non-responsive FIELD control currently does not have a placeholder property. In the non-responsive FIELD you could use the title property for showing a corresponding tooltip. The FIELD ...
Dana Sherbondy about 2 years ago in Natural for Ajax / Natural for Ajax (NJX) 1 Not in Plan