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Allow WSDL XML Schema validations.

The WSDL generated for ApplinX Web services does not allow for configuration of request validation elements that would be checked by the web service stack. These include (most wanted): Marking an input field as mandatory Marking an input array to ...
Bjarne Soerensen almost 2 years ago in ApplinX / API Enablement 0 Not in Plan

Provide the Designer to run on Linux.

Today, the Designer only runs on Windows. Provide also a version that can run on Linux. Graphical user interfaces (RDP, gnome, X11) to Linux are commonly used these days. Enabling this would serve a couple of purposes: In development scenarios the...
Bjarne Soerensen about 2 years ago in ApplinX / Usability 0 Not in Plan

Exhibit 3270 port for Natural/Linux.

Tests were done which were promising - that ApplinX could exhibit a 3270 emulation port to Natural on Linux. This feature would be fantastic in rehosting projects.
Bjarne Soerensen about 1 year ago in ApplinX / Usability 0 Not in Plan

enable "silent" printing (default printer) for PrintAPI

Previous Applinx solutions using Java applet or Java web start had the option to print straight to the user's default printer (without a printer prompt). Using the new BaseObject API for printing results in a loss of that ability. Please add the o...
Elron Itzhak over 1 year ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 1 Not in Plan

two-way SSL handshake between the web application and ApplinX

Communication between ApplinX Server and the ApplinX Base Object (which resides on the web server or application server) can be encrypted using SSL. This means one-way SSL connection, i.e., from the web application to ApplinX. We need two-way SSL ...
Alicia Garcia Garcia over 2 years ago in ApplinX / Security 1 Not in Plan