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Honor the DBID/FNR fields in SYSSEC for a different FUSER in NaturalONE.

In SYSSEC, you can define a different FUSER for a particular library definition. This allows you to be able to store programs in a single FUSER from multiple environments (FSECs) in various LPARs in an enterprise. This is allowable (and useful) on...
Manny Klonaris 3 months ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) / Security 1 New

Enhance Define filters view

Hello. The Define filters window does not display all the elements, even if you try to enlarge it. In my example, the MACIDEVL filter does not appear, and the Temp filter patterns are not displayed (you can only access them with the down arrow ke...
Gerald BEAU 14 days ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 New

Add "Not to all" button to Overwrite Natural Source

Hello. When I want to add a library (from Server) to an existing project (where the library have already been added), we have the choice : to overwrite one by one to overwrite all to not overwrite one by one ... but not to not overwrite all (...
Gerald BEAU 14 days ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 New

Include runtime identification in Profiler report tab

When running multiple Profiler sessions to test variations in a program (to see performance impact of changes), each profiler report opens with the same tab name "<program>[<library>]". Would be helpful to have at least a date/time (si...
Douglas Kelly about 1 month ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 New

Enable "Coverage As" to work the same as "Profile As" and "Debug As"

Currently, to use the Coverage profiling feature, you have to add in additional runtime parameters ("coverage=(active=on,reslib=xxx,resname=yyy)"), but adding these types of options are not required for Profiler or Debugger run options.
Douglas Kelly about 1 month ago in NaturalONE / Usability 0 New

NatONE: Add new filter options for Natural server view

Hi, Some developpers in our companie have really problems to use NaturalONE because they don't like the implementation of filters for the Natural server view. For us, and I agree with them, it's more convenient, more quick, to edit a program with ...
Guest about 1 year ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 1 Under Review

NaturalONE search functionality in Natural Server View

In SPOD there is an excellent search functionality that works in all environments. Almost the same functionality (plus a little more) is available in ONE, but this is restricted to ONLY the sources in the local workspace. It is however still highl...
Guest about 1 year ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Under Review

Modify variable in ONE debug perspective

In Natural studio there is a comfortable way to modify variables.1. mark a variable of the source in the editor2. or and "Modify Variable"opens the Modify Variable dialog. A similar functionality is missing in NATONE debugger.The problem is not th...
Andreas Dege about 1 year ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Planned

Be able open an object quickly, by name

I would like NaturalONE to be able to quickly open an object if the developer just have the name of the object. If you want to open an object in the server view, you need first to find that object. If it is in a large library, you will need to gue...
Guest about 1 year ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Future consideration

For the yellow label in the server view to be removed or made optional

When moving the mouse pointer over an object in the server view there appears a yellow label which is more in the way then of any help. When the mouse pointer is above that that yellow label then I cannot scroll and I cannot double click on the ob...
Leendert Wattel about 2 months ago in NaturalONE 0 New