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Provide "wrap-around" Tracefiles / currently there ist only one file possible

We faced an "unexpected" behaviour of the JDBC-Server during the execution of massive parallel SQL-SELECT Statements. No idea why this happend, because we run ACE for years without any problems. The support gave the advice to enable minimum trace ...
Christian Held 4 months ago in CONNX 0 Planned

Enable creation of SQL indexes based on ADABAS descriptors

An enhancement suggestion is to have a configuration switch for CONNX to ‘recognize’ ADABAS descriptors and tag those as SQL indexes -- so when we deploy into SQL Server .. descriptors will have indexes in SQL. Provides greater flexibility, better...
Luis Diaz 5 months ago in CONNX 0 Planned

Cobol Occurs depending on records are expanded out instead of using rotated arrays/child tables

When importing and populating tables that are the result of an occurs depending on instead of requiring child tables to be create, expand the ODO out to its maximum size. This will allow the record to be repatriated to its original source without ...
William Anderson about 1 year ago in CONNX 0 Under Review

Avoid data corruption - make ENTIRENETWORK setting the default.

See incident SI #5353554. If there is a mismatch between field lengths in the DDM used to define the table in the CDD and the FDT in Adabas - data corruption may occur. While setting the configuration parameter ENTIRENETWORK avoids this - ENTIRENE...
Bjarne Soerensen over 1 year ago in CONNX 0 Not in Plan

Adjust the autobulkdelete to use no locking at all

Adjust the autobulkdelete to use no locking at all in order to gain in performance.
Stephane Moreau almost 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Not in Plan

Adabas SQL Gateway - Security group LDAP interface

In the Adabas SQL Gateway CDD there is a user repository. Here you define the users that are allowed to connect with the CDD. There is also the ability to define groups of users. You grant access to tables and views to users or groups. Suggestion ...
Bjarne Soerensen about 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Planned

Remember occurrences from last DDM import.

Adabas SQL Gateway. When the CDD adminstrator re-imports a Natural DDM to reflect changes in the file structure - he has to have made prior notes on the numbers of MU and PE occurrences for the _FLAT structure. It would be nice if the import funct...
Bjarne Soerensen about 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Planned

To be able to create CDD under linux

The CDD file creationis only possible with"Connx Data Dictionnary" Tool. In our case wecreate a CDD filebyimportingRMS Specification files from VMS Server. It should be nice to have a CDD creationtoolfor Linux, in order to simply launch (in comman...
Stephane Moreau about 2 years ago in CONNX 1 Under development

InstantDBSync allow user to define default behavior of initial state

Initial state default In the replication administrator the default for deploy is "Initial state" for each table. In the Edit menu there is an option "select no initial state". Every time before deploying, it is crucial to remember to "select no in...
Guest about 2 years ago in CONNX 1 Planned


Hello, We would like to be able to create CDDs in batch mode. Currently, the CONNX DATA DICTIONNARY MANAGER opens the application on the client computer and displays a message to be validated for each error. thanks
Guest about 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Under development