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Due to the recent acquisition by IBM, the Adabas & Natural Ideas Portal does not contain ideas from products ApplinX and EntireX any longer. Please refer to the IBM Ideas Portal for these products from now on (IBMid required). Existing content will be migrated during the next few weeks.


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setfilename to accept variables

setfilename extended feature requires a literal. allowing it to be variable would allow it to be set via third party tool such as solix CDP or via SQL. This would be useful when multiple iterations of the SQL must be executed once for each file. N...
William Anderson over 2 years ago in CONNX 1 Released

Modify the autobulkdelete logging messages when made on a missing rows

When doing autobulkdelete on row which deaspeared in the interval, the "message" should only be logged with DEBUG=2 on VMS side, the message type should be WARN instead of ERROR on JDBC server log + avoid java exception when encountered
Stephane Moreau over 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Released

Remember occurrences from last DDM import.

Adabas SQL Gateway. When the CDD adminstrator re-imports a Natural DDM to reflect changes in the file structure - he has to have made prior notes on the numbers of MU and PE occurrences for the _FLAT structure. It would be nice if the import funct...
Bjarne Soerensen almost 3 years ago in CONNX 1 Released

Data Sync ADABAS to include Cipher input

Allow the option for individual files to include a cipher key. Like the password area. In ADABAS Security can either be password protected or file encryption. Data Sync allows for password protected files but not file encryption.
Guest almost 3 years ago in CONNX 0 Released

missing datestamp/datetime for for lines in the connxjdbc64.log file

When a error is logged into the connxjdbc64.log, and when this error is logged in more than 1 line (with complementary information), only the first line have a datestamp. Please find a example here below : Mar 16 14:47:46.920 2018@LM_ERROR @ UPTIM...
Stephane Moreau almost 3 years ago in CONNX 0 Released

Show Schema (APPLICATION) Name when connection is opened

Is it possible to enrich JDBC jog file and log the database schema opened ?(meaning to have the value of APPLICATION=XXX). Indeed right know, only the DSN name (ADV), and the Connx user are displayed on the log : ------------------------------ Mar...
Stephane Moreau almost 3 years ago in CONNX 0 Released

InstantDBSync allow user to define default behavior of initial state

Initial state default In the replication administrator the default for deploy is "Initial state" for each table. In the Edit menu there is an option "select no initial state". Every time before deploying, it is crucial to remember to "select no in...
Guest almost 3 years ago in CONNX 2 Released

Avoid wrong query results after FDT change.

Adabas SQL Gateway. If there is a change in the FDT that has not been reflected in the used CDD - it can happen that queries return wrong results due to offset errors. Please introduce a feature so queries where the current FDT and the used CDD do...
Bjarne Soerensen almost 3 years ago in CONNX 1 Released

unsetfilename keyword

About the “fn setfilename», it overrides the logicalname usual target by the one set in the SQL query Meaning that if by default the KSCL_COCUST logical name target this file : [DISK_CORE4.CORE.TABLE_DATA]PRODUCT.TBL_CO_CUSTOMERS;1 By doing the h...
Stephane Moreau almost 3 years ago in CONNX 0 Released