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Entire System Management and Cronus

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NOP: Export Feature Schedule Definition

Comment of the requester Herr Schneider on 2023-07-25: From my point of view, there is no need for the change we want for the other customers, but there is also no contradiction. Therefore, from my point of view, the change could be analysed furth...
Georg Schmitt 11 months ago in Entire System Management and Cronus / Entire Operation (NOP) / Entire Operations GUI client (OGC) 0 Future consideration

Tracing Report Processing under Linux

Despite the documentation states so, tracing of report processing seems to be not possible with NOM running under Unix. If you choose this option (command TRACE, for instance) you'll get a screen "Trace Report Processing JES" with z/OS related inp...
Hermann Pfeiffer about 2 years ago in Entire System Management and Cronus / Entire Output Management (NOM) 2 Future consideration