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Regular expressions in logical condition

We would like to use regular expressions in logical conditions. E.g. IF <#VAR> = REGEX (.*search_text_1.*\..*search_text_2)
Detlef Ziermann 4 months ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud / Natural (NAT) 2 Under Review

Add a "labelled data field" Control

presently, when adding a Data Field to a map, it is unlabelled, requiring an extra step to add a Text Constant to the map. A "Labelled Data Field" would bring along the default heading as a text box (maybe with some configurable settings for where...
Douglas Kelly 5 months ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Under Review

Logrotate Log File of CICS Socketlistener Server

would be good to have a parameter for maximizing the filesize and the number of archived log files in the properties file for CICS Socketlistener Server, otherwise writing some tracevalues to this log file can lead to a completely full filesystem ...
Johann Keiblinger 5 months ago in EntireX 0 New

Encrypt NSC Password to FIPS 140-3 Compliance

The current standard of encrypting the Natural Security password with Electronic Code Book (ECB) encryption to not comply with IRS standards. Enhance Natural Security so that the NSC password is encrypted to meet FIPS 140-3 compliance.
Gary Athaide 5 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Security (NSC) 0 Under Review

New Concept SAG Licenses

SAG Product Licenses for zOS (ADA/AZPAD/NAT/NAZ/EXX/NPR) often including some Version number, somewhat differing from the Version to install. For example:1. ADABAS 8.5.4 - License contains a Version 8.4. NATURAL 9.2.1 - License contains a Version ...
Walter Schulte 6 months ago in EntireX 0 Under Review

Optimize finding "related" object to be cataloged during deployment

With very large applications the time it takes to analyze an the application to decide which sources have to be cataloged when a set up sources has been modified and uploaded.It seems that the current routine is optimized for "small" sets of sourc...
Jesper Orland 6 months ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Future consideration

Disable browser back button effect

When hitting the broswer back button, Applinx engine sends ajax request and it doesn't know where to navigate. By detecting this scenario, it can be disabled and the current screen will remain without changing.
Sammy Shamailov 6 months ago in ApplinX / Usability 0 New

Modify ADAORD as a file crawler to REORDER a file

Allow ADAORD to work two blocks at a time to slowly crawl through a file. only the records from the first two RABNS would be put on hold and movement of records from #2 to #1 would be coordinated with the nucleus. Once the first block was finished...
Craig Soehnlin 6 months ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) 0 New

Parameter SUBSID in NDV configuration

We had recently iTrac NATMF-28544: "NDV server ABEND U4087 during clean-up at SESSION_TIMEOUT". Analysis of the problem showed that a LX value for NATASM was 0, and further that the subsystem name was "$#@$", because customer had migrated from NAT...
Philippe Van Coppenolle 6 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Development Server (NDV) 0 Future consideration

New System Variable B9-TIMESTMP

For a simpler conversion from the System Variable *TIMESTMP, which expires in 2042, to a timestamp extended by a leading epoch byte, a new System Variable in the format B9 would be helpful. This should be structured analogously to the already plan...
Detlef Ziermann 6 months ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud 0 Under Review