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Status Released
Workspace NaturalONE
Categories NaturalONE (ONE)
Created by Douglas Kelly
Created on Jul 15, 2021
Merged idea
This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit ONE-I-4 Prompt for a password every time NaturalONE is started.

Site option to clear cached passwords in NaturalONE Merged

Customer wants the facility to prevent caching of NaturalONE credentials between sessions to improve security. Passwords should be removed from the secure_storage at session end and prompted for at session start up. This would apply to both the "Natural Server" view and Project Properties > Natural Runtime settings.

Use Case Improved security, ensuring credentials are re-entered at least at session startup
Created on Brainstorm 03/18/2021 03:42 PM
Brainstorm ID 8894