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Status New
Workspace NaturalONE
Categories NaturalONE (ONE)
Created by Pascale Doose
Created on Mar 20, 2024

NaturalOne Map-Editor with former GUI-Elements

We recently switched our development from Natural Studio into a NaturalONE development. We got told, that Dialog-Objects are not developable in NaturalONE, although we now noticed that you also can't add GUI Elements to Map-Objects and already existing GUI elements won't get shown in the map editor.

In the old Natural-Studio you had the possibility to add these elements to maps directly, in the NaturalOne Map-Editor you only have the possibility to add Text Constant and Data Fields. (see attachments)

We still have several Maps which use these type of elements (e.g. Push-Buttons, Select-Boxes etc.) so we hope that you could add the functionality back to the NaturalONE Map-Editor.