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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 15, 2021

NaturalONE: Flag copied librares/objects from a mapped NDV server

Note: The incident was created as the one for NaturalONE, but the name was not in the product selection.

Feature request:
We would like to have an option to flag a library from a mapped NDV server by "Add to Existing Project", and sources within the library should be flagged by "%".
The option should also apply to libraries which are added by "Import".

When a library on a mapped NDV Server is copied by "Add to Existing Project", the added library is not flagged by "*" to indicate and objects within the library are not flagged by "%" that "Build Project" is required.
It takes a time to Build a Project because we have many libraries in our Projects.
We would like just to build copied libraries from the NDV Server to shorten Build time, but NaturalONE does not flag copied libraries by "*" so that we have to keep track of the libraries which ones are copied.
We feel that very inconvenient.
Created on Brainstorm 07/05/2017 19:19
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