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Created on Jul 15, 2021

Linenumbers when working with Profiler / NaturalONE

Profiler returns linenumbers as 4-digits Natural (normally step 10), but the editor only shows linenumbers as physical lines (step 1). 

It is possible to use CTRL+G to see the line number of the current line, and to jump to a specific line, but not very easy to handle, if you scroll away from the line.

Possible solution: Add Profiler information to the Editor window, then you don't have to swap windows, and the needed information will always be available.

Created on Brainstorm 10/04/2016 05:26
Brainstorm ID 4067
  • Lukas Hundemer
    Nov 29, 2021

    The NaturalONE Profiler Rich GUI Program Analysis provides such evaluations. It merges the Profiler data into the source. It just lists the source, thus no editor. If the Profiler data would be incorporated into the editor data and you start editing, all Profiler information would no longer fit and could not be provided further (same as with coverage data).

    The Program Analysis first looks for the source in the library in which the resource resides. If it is not found there, it looks in the library mentioned in the data (the original library). If you copy the resource and the related sources into a new library, editing the original source will then not affect the Profiler Program Analysis.

    In the enclosed evaluation, I have selected “CPU Time” as KPI (several other KPIs can be selected). I picked out the program PRFDEMO with the highest CPU time. The tool reads the source from the server and merges it with the Profiler data. Lines are colored according to their KPI value.

    The only drawback is that the Profiler Rich GUI works only for Profiler data collected in resources. It does not work for the online profiling.

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