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Status Future consideration
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Categories NaturalONE (ONE)
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 15, 2021

Be able open an object quickly, by name

I would like NaturalONE to be able to quickly open an object if the developer just have the name of the object.

If you want to open an object in the server view, you need first to find that object. If it is in a large library, you will need to guess the correct library and thenadd a filter andfind the object.

If you want to open it in a project you can do it by making by adding a call to the relevant object to any existing object in your project and then use the link created by pressing the control key and hovering over the object name.

Can't the functionality from the project somehow be provided in the server view, e.g. by a pop-up, or by providing something like a list command. The open in the project even provide steplib support.

Created on Brainstorm 04/11/2016 05:59
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