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Created on Jul 15, 2021

NaturalONE: How can a specific routine be found in the profil data?

Afterthe profil process the data can be stored in a folder.
This file contains all the processing information for each routine.
The positioning of a particular routine (eg X5U056N) is not possible.
The mentioned routine is executed several times in the processing flow. How can this information be found?
A function for searching forward or backward regarding to the positioning seems to me is necessary.

Created on Brainstorm 11/24/2015 12:14 AM
Brainstorm ID 3028
  • Lukas Hundemer
    Nov 29, 2021

    What do you mean with "profil process"? Guess you mean the Profiler batch process which stores the data in a resource file.

    Which evaluation do you mean? The NaturalONE event trace? If yes, you are right, there are no features for search or sort or whatever.

    Hint: If you want to analyze the event trace deeper, you can read it with the batch Profiler utility. This gives you a text member or even an csv list containing all data. Then you can search, filter, sort and whatever you like.

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