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Created on Jul 15, 2021

ONE: Improve Content assist

1. Documentation says:
"To invoke content assist
Enter a keyword or part of it and press CTRL+SPACEBAR."

In most cases that does not make sense. A blank is needed behind the keyword.
The documentation mentions this only with the example.
"For example, when you type "DEFINE DATA " (including the blank after the letters), ..."

This hint should be given here:
"Enter a keyword or part of it AND A BLANK and press CTRL+SPACEBAR."

2. It does not make sense to use such long variable names like eg.
Work_File_Number (1 - 32) or result_variable
It does not spare time when you have to delete 16 characters only to enter one digit.

3. The TAB mechanism in the selection box does not work at all.

4. If there is a syntax error in the source and you hit Ctrl+Space in an empty line, you will not get the expected selection list and you don't know why. Perhaps in this case the selection box could appear independently of syntax errors.

Created on Brainstorm 12/10/2013 09:56
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