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Created on Jul 15, 2021

Shortcut to "Stow" (Upload to private mode library)

When you are in an object editor (E.g. program editor) there are no shortcut to "stow" the changed object.

You can save the object by using CTRL+S, but you need to find the object in the navigator view and select it and do ALT+T to get it "stowed" (weither the "stow" goes to mainframe library directly or to private mode library)

Please provide a shortcut key to allow this "stow" to occur directly from the editor.

Use Case Increased developer productivity by staying in the editor
Created on Brainstorm 07/03/2019 00:59
Brainstorm ID 7093
  • Douglas Kelly
    Dec 21, 2021

    1) Use the "Link with Editor" icons (two yellow arrows, top pointing left, bottom pointing right) in each Navigator. That keeps the navigator selection in sync with what is selected in the edit area.

    2) Windows > Preferences > Software AG > Natural - on the first tab, under "Server", check "Build Natural projects automatically" will cause your program to be "stowed" as soon as you save the source.

    Together, these should achieve what you want. Even without the second option, once linked, you can just press Ctrl-S then Alt-T without leaving the editor.

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