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Status Under Review
Workspace NaturalONE
Created by Raul Hurtado
Created on Dec 27, 2021

Allow "_xxxx" usersnames with Transition period logon (TSP=Y)

As described in SI-447984, subject [SI #1461387] Logon 1050 NAT0400 Invalid library ID, we use a windows user system account with prefix "_svc" (with underscore).

With this user, is not possible to keep the attribute Transition period logon (TSP=Y).

We would like that this coud be possible.

  • Raul Hurtado
    Jan 10, 2022


    As said, problem is that the windows user created as a service account to start the Software AG windows services (at least NDV) is used.

    In Natural ONE we really are using a Natural Security user and, for me the windows user used to start the windows services should not have to be included in Natural Security.

  • Admin
    Eli Cohen
    Jan 10, 2022

    Hello Raul,

    Thank you for submitting this request.

    We are reviewing this request.

    Do you wish to use this new idea for users without user IDs define on Natural Security?

    This will lead to user IDs which are not matching to the Natural library naming conventions.