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Workspace NaturalONE
Categories NaturalONE (ONE)
Created by Mogens Lundqvist
Created on Mar 28, 2022

Enable use of environment variables in “session parameters” in Map of a Natural Server Environment

It would great to be able to use environment variables (e.g. $sys_udv, $sys_tst – further see below) when mapping an environment. Simply include these variables as dynamic parameters when forking the new process from the NDV server.


To setup various environments for a customer, we have defined a number of environment variables (example):

export sys_udv="fuser=22,1 fdic=1,6 fsec=1,7 udb=1"
alias udv="natural $sys_udv"
export sys_tst="fuser=22,5 fdic=5,6 fsec=5,7 udb=5"
alias tst="natural $sys_tst"

(… and so on for additional environments)

In Linux “native mode” various Natural sessions can be started simply by entering “udv” or “tst” because the alias includes an environment variable.

The same definitions we would like to reuse from NaturalOne.


This would reduce the number of natural parameter modules we have to maintain.

Also a compensation for the lack of NTSYS and SYSPARM functionality that is available on mainframe but not on LUW

Enabled both for Software AG Designer (eclipse) and Natural Studio (should be easy because the NDV server at the end is the same).

And enabled for both NDV on Linux and Windows.

(reference: SI-464322 Use of “variables” in map of environment?)

  • Admin
    Eli Cohen
    Apr 22, 2024

    NATPARM is the preferred and recommended way of setting up environment parameters.

    Adding additional option will make it complex.