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Status Under development
Workspace NaturalONE
Created by Leendert Wattel
Created on Jun 28, 2022

For the yellow label in the server view to be removed or made optional

When moving the mouse pointer over an object in the server view there appears a yellow label which is more in the way then of any help. When the mouse pointer is above that that yellow label then I cannot scroll and I cannot double click on the object to open it. I first have to move the mouse pointer away for the label to disappear. If I click on the label then nothing happens. If it is needed then could you provide an option to disable the label?

  • Leendert Wattel
    Jan 31, 2023

    I have added screen shots of 2 instances. the one is where it pops up in NaturalONE. the second shot is where the label stays on the screen after i have switched away from NaturalONE to the browser. it is very persistent, and it does not go away easily. if you click on the label then nothing happens - I thought it will open the path in the label but that does not happen.

    i think popups like these are annoying when do not ask for it - rather let my right click to ask for it.

    most of the time when the label show i don't need them - out of all the times the label shows i don't need which is 99.99% of the time.

    also, how relevant is the info in the label? what can we do with that info?

    hope this helps.

  • Admin
    Eli Cohen
    Jan 30, 2023

    Hello Leendert, please share screen shot of the Yellow label and the situation.