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Created by Hezi Shirazi
Created on Jul 15, 2021

more features in profiler & code-coverage


Please read my request:

1) Short description:

Edit of a program listed in the Hot Spots view of a Profiler resource fails with error.


When editing a program listed in the Hot Spots view of a Profiler resource an error occurs.

Internal Error (INatural Object == null - Edit currently fails when the Natural Profiler is started via opening a profiler.xml file)

Please enable the this edit.

2) Short description:

Code Coverage does not open object.


The project is defined with private-mode.

A Natural application is compiled using GPGEN=(DEBUGGER=ON,PROFILER=ON,COVERAGE=ON).

The program is executed with COVERAGE=(ACTIVE=ON,RESLIB=COMPARE)

The resource file, is added to the project in NaturalOne.

When trying to edit this error occurs:

***( no Natural object found***

I need the code coverage already in the development phase which means that it should be possible to start it directly from NaturalONE ("Coverage as Natural application"). And the code coverage should support the concept of private mode libraries (as a part of the development phase).


The process is ran with Profiler or with Code-Coverage.

In "Server view" I do "Import into existing project".

Then, in the "Natural Navigator" I see the following:

When I open the perspective from a file of type *.NCVF, there is an option "Open with Natural Code Coverage".

See attached screenshots c1.png and c2.png.

When I open the perspective from a file of type *.NPRF or from a file of type *.NPRC there is no option to open the Profiler.

See attached screenshot c3.png

An option like this is very useful and helpful for the testing process of a Natural application.

Use Case automated testing & quality test
Created on Brainstorm 08/23/2020 04:34 AM
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  • Douglas Kelly
    Jul 15, 2022

    (Sorry: should add a disclaimer that I'm working in Professional Services, so my perspective is as a user/developer, not a Software AG product developer)

  • Douglas Kelly
    Jul 15, 2022

    Since the features you mention are all working as far as I can see, please open a support request if you are still having issues accessing the Profiler and Coverage information from NaturalONE.

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Display sourcecode at shown line number

The stored profile-information has been selected from server view " SYSTEM RES" and downloaded. The notification is shown in the Editor "Hot Spot". After clicking on a "Line nnnn", a Messagebox appears: "Internal Error (INatural Object == null ...
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