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Status Future consideration
Workspace NaturalONE
Categories Usability
Created by Fernando Díaz
Created on Jun 20, 2022

Profiler y Code Coverage

1. Development Process (NaturalONE)

  • Code Coverage: According to the documentation (after several redirections in this documentation), it is not possible to use the Code Coverage from NaturalONE in Online mode in Mainframe environments. To use it from NaturalONE it is necessary to obtain the ".ncvf" files and this cannot be done in this technological environment. This prevents developers from using this tool as part of their software development process.

2. Continuous Integration and Delivery Process (Jenkins)

  • Profiler: It seems, after reviewing documentation and asking Software Support AG, that the use of Profiler from Jenkins is not allowed or contemplated. This prevents us from being able to get performance metrics during automated test execution from the Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipelines. GISS must be able to use the Profiler tool in an automated way from the Jenkins Pipelines that are being used for the Continuous Delivery processes. It is also necessary that the information obtained with its use can be analysed automatically without the need for human analysis.

  • Code Coverage: Although according to the documentation you can use Code Coverage from Jenkins, there is a Code Coverage Plugin for Jenkins, but it is inoperative due to the same problem that exists for its use from NaturalONE. The impossibility to obtain the ".ncvf" files and their possible automatic analysis. Enable its use by Natural/Adabas developers with NaturalONE in the GISS technology environment. Enable automated use from the Jenkins Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipelines in the GISS technology environment. As with the Profiler, it would also be necessary to be able to automatically analyse the information obtained with the tool from these same Pipelines

  • Douglas Kelly
    Jul 15, 2022

    I'm able to access Coverage from NaturalONE (I'm using v10.3), so I'm not clear on what you are not able to do . Once the Coverage session is done, I just right-click on the NCVF file from the runtime environment and select "add to existing project" to add it to the same project where the source code is, then open that resource file from the NaturalONE project.