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Due to the recent acquisition by IBM, the Adabas & Natural Ideas Portal does not contain ideas from products ApplinX and EntireX any longer. Please refer to the IBM Ideas Portal for these products from now on (IBMid required). Existing content will be migrated during the next few weeks.


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NaturalONE debugger - adding a Watchpoint

The only possibilty for adding a Watchpoint is by "Toggle Watchpoint", context menu option for an explicit source defined variable. Most NAT programs use lots of variables definedwithin Data Areas- not being able to set a Watchpointin Variables Ta...
Guest about 3 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) / Usability 0 Under development

Add joins to Data Browser

Presently the Data Browser is limited to one view to browse. Extending this to allow "joins" across different views would make this a very useful adhoc data access tool.
Douglas Kelly 5 months ago in NaturalONE / Usability 0 New

NatOne: 2 Way Build: first without, second with parameter check solves all interface problems

When In Natural One an Interface for example a pda of a subprogram is changed, it can happen, that the build process has to be repeated n times, when the pda is used in a chain of n subprograms; if there is a recursive subprogram call using the pd...
Georg Kratz-Kummetz about 3 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) / Usability 1 Future consideration

Enable "Coverage As" to work the same as "Profile As" and "Debug As"

Currently, to use the Coverage profiling feature, you have to add in additional runtime parameters ("coverage=(active=on,reslib=xxx,resname=yyy)"), but adding these types of options are not required for Profiler or Debugger run options.
Douglas Kelly about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / Usability 0 Under Review

Profiler y Code Coverage

1. Development Process (NaturalONE) Code Coverage: According to the documentation (after several redirections in this documentation), it is not possible to use the Code Coverage from NaturalONE in Online mode in Mainframe environments. To use it f...
Fernando Díaz about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / Usability 1 Future consideration

Mainframe Navigation needs additional features

Mainframe Navigation view (which requires Entire System Server on the mainframe) needs more features to be really useful. Some examples: Jobs list should include a date/time when job ended (inactive) or was submitted (Active Jobs tree) view of a J...
Douglas Kelly about 1 year ago in NaturalONE / Usability 0 Future consideration

facility to invoke NATdoc generation outside of Eclipse

Provide a scriptable means of generating NATdoc's to enable including documentation updates as part of automated deployments
Douglas Kelly over 2 years ago in NaturalONE / Usability 0 Under Review

Add a "Expand All Nodes" option to the "Dependencies" view.

There is currently a helpful "button/icon" to "Collapse all nodes" in the dependencies view in Natural ONE. For a large Natural object being edited (and which has a lot of dependencies), it would be very helpful to also have a "expand all nodes" b...
Luciano Pimenta about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / Usability 1 Under Review

Increase size of "Skips before Break"

when debugging, the "skips before break" allows the breakpoint to be skipped some number of times before taking the break…but only up to 99. Can this be increased so as to be useful for debugging batch jobs reading work files with thousands or mil...
Douglas Kelly over 2 years ago in NaturalONE / Usability 0 Under Review