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Status Under Review
Workspace NaturalONE
Categories Usability
Created by Luciano Pimenta
Created on Jun 20, 2022

Add a "Expand All Nodes" option to the "Dependencies" view.

There is currently a helpful "button/icon" to "Collapse all nodes" in the dependencies view in Natural ONE.

For a large Natural object being edited (and which has a lot of dependencies), it would be very helpful to also have a "expand all nodes" button/icon" which would work recurrently until all dependencies are expanded in the view.

In the end this idea will allow a faster visualization of all dependencies with a click of a "button". Combined with the already existing "Export item as text", it will deliver the capability to, given an entry-point (Natural object being edited), produce a text report of ALL required active callees.

Use Case Better usability and improvement of developer activities and efficiency.
  • Luciano Pimenta
    Jun 21, 2022

    In the meantime I got this hint that works perfectly: you can use the Keyboard binding built in the Eclipse Tree functionality. Just apply ‘Numpad Multiply’ (* in the upper right keyboard area) on any selected Node and it should open the complete node’s hierarchy.