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Workspace NaturalONE
Categories NaturalONE (ONE)
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Created on Jul 15, 2021

ONE: XREF data and private-mode libraries

If XREF ON is set for a library which is used in private mode,
then Xref data are also generated for the modules in the private-mode library that belongs to this library.

This is superfluous.


- Logon to a private-mode library is not possible,
thus List Xref in this library is also not possible.

- In the case of data areas and copycode it can happen
that Xref data of the private-mode library are shown in the 'base' library
(when a data area of the base library is used by a module in the private-mode library)
This is confusing / unhandy for the users.

So, in private-mode libraries no XREF data should be generated.

Use Case Clarity during development
Created on Brainstorm 06/14/2019 04:48 AM
Brainstorm ID 7075
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Avoid XREF data from private mode libraries

Provide a way to swittch off XREF data from private mode libraries. I find XREF data from private mode libraries as "noise", as they are just "copies" of the "real" libraries. It seems there are no way to switch it off, please provide one.
Jesper Orland over 1 year ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud 3 Planned