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Status Future consideration
Workspace NaturalONE
Categories Usability
Created by Douglas Kelly
Created on Jun 20, 2023

Mainframe Navigation needs additional features

Mainframe Navigation view (which requires Entire System Server on the mainframe) needs more features to be really useful. Some examples:

  • Jobs list should include a date/time when job ended (inactive) or was submitted (Active Jobs tree)

  • view of a Job lists "SO <00001>" as the dataset identifier. Including the DD Name, size of dataset would be very helpful. Option comparable to ISPF "SJ" would be useful to allow edit and submit of JCL from a job in the JES queue.

  • if the tree explorer is too limited to include useful information, then provide an edit panel that expands on these details and allows drilling into the selected datasets

  • Edit of JCL members should have an option to submit the JCL without having to save it back to the PDS (Preferences could provide dataset masks to identify JCL libraries)

  • Listing of members of PDS should have additional info - date/time modified, date/time created, last updated by userid, size (lines? bytes?). Again if tree explorer is too limited then a right-click option on the dataset should bring up an edit panel with the info and option to select member for edit, delete, copy, etc and ability to add new members

  • Similar options at each level of the tree should be available (Datasets - see size, volser, last mod... - key Properties information). Ability to recall archived datasets is needed.

  • Datasets tree should be able to give appropriate options in context pop-up for PO vs PS datasets (e.g. Compress for PO, Browse for PS). Browse of PO datasets should open member list, not return error "MEMBER not found")

  • Browse of binary objects (.LOAD etc) should be able to render useful information (as NISPF/ISPF can) - information about the LOAD modules, hex view of data...

  • Facility to issue operator commands is needed.

  • What is difference between "Syslog" and "Console" other than including date/time/node in Syslog view?

  • Filter on Nodes would help, allowing inclusion/exclusion of nodes

  • Dataset filter should allow multiple patterns to collect disparate groups of datasets

  • Ability to open multiple trees (or edit views) would allow comparisons of dataset lists, pds member lists, etc across arbitrary groupings.

Use Case Leverage NaturalONE for mainframe operations