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Web Enablement

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pause the screen sequential checker upon request for a limited time frame

Enable to pause the background screen checker upon request/method for a limited time frame or until enabled again. When retrieving the base object with: GXClientBaseObjectFactory.getBaseObject(sessionRequest); performing some actions for example: ...
Sammy Shamailov about 1 month ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 0 New

Retrieve applinx application properties

Enable to retrieve applinx application properties through using APIs: host name/address, session recording location, application timeouts etc.The APIs would help develop more advanced developments in web applications: Host name/address: In cases c...
Elron Itzhak 10 months ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 0 New

enable "silent" printing (default printer) for PrintAPI

Previous Applinx solutions using Java applet or Java web start had the option to print straight to the user's default printer (without a printer prompt). Using the new BaseObject API for printing results in a loss of that ability. Please add the o...
Elron Itzhak 12 months ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 1 Not in Plan

Multiple applinx instances in same page (DOM) support

Enable our customers that are using their own web application to host applinx web sessions (iframes on their web page) to have multiple instances of applinx running on the same (customer) web page
Elron Itzhak about 1 year ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 0 New


Documentation is needed for working and developing with the Angular web application. Currently, no documentation is provided on the functionality except a readme file with basic steps. This inhibits our ability to implement and develop Angular web...
Elron Itzhak about 1 year ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 0 New

Enable Parameter 4 (CUSTOM) via ApplinX Angular Version

We need a way to call an ApplinX session with a parameter in the URL which we pass into the Natural sessions as Custom Parameter 4 in
Karl Steinwendtner over 1 year ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 0 Planned