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XML Tester samples should include SOAP Headers defined in WSDL

The EntireX Workbench (Designer) Web Services Explorer tool can present the SOAP Headers included in a WSDL (e.g. the EntireX <exx*> parameters), but the XML Tester "Create sample XML SOAP..." button does not generate the headers. Since the ...
Douglas Kelly over 1 year ago in EntireX 0 Released

Support IBM Websphere Liberty

Websphere Liberty is in many ways replacing Websphere Application Server. It is lightweight per default, but can be configured to support pretty much everything WAS can do. Many of the libraries are the same. Websphere Liberty similarly runs on Z/...
Kresten Markussen almost 2 years ago in EntireX 0 Released

etbinfo - option to add headers to csv output

etbinfo outputs information in csv format, but the columns are unlabelled, making them awkward to use in analysis. An option to include the field labels as column headers would improve the usability and readability of the resulting data files.
Douglas Kelly about 2 years ago in EntireX 0 Released

support for UNBOUNDED arrays

with COBOL v5, arrays can be unbounded, so the restriction on /V can be lifted for IDLs being used for COBOL. Supports unbounded tables and groups to improve usability in defining...
Douglas Kelly over 2 years ago in EntireX 0 Released

Ability to obtain process-ids of all registered servers for certain broker.

We request change to etbinfo command to be able to obtain names and process-ids of all registered servers of certain broker. etbcmd can be modified as well to be able to execute command for server with specific process-id only.
Guest over 2 years ago in EntireX 0 Released

Attach Manager needs log management

Currently, the exxatm processes write to a log (e.g. Default.log) while the ATM is running, logging every check of servers and start of services, with the WAIT time the only control on the amount of logging done (which impacts the responsiveness o...
Douglas Kelly over 2 years ago in EntireX 1 Released

Verbindung im CICS ETB aufrechterhalten

Für zukünftige s IT Projekte ist die CICSETB mit „Verbindung aufrechterhalten“ ein Muss. Im CICS sollen nur jene Verbindungen aufgebaut werden, welche auch wirklich nötig sind! Bestehende Verbindung müssen am Leben bleiben und weiter genutzt werde...
Guest over 2 years ago in EntireX 1 Released