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NJX for Java 17

Is there a routemap to switch from currently Java 11 to Java 17?
Benjamin Mueller 3 months ago in Natural for Ajax / Natural for Ajax (NJX) 1 Released

Empower 'ALLZAPS' übersichtlicher gestalten

Diese Liste der ALLZAPS ist sehr fehleranfällig bei der Auswahl. Wünschenswert wäre eine farbliche Gestaltung in jeder 2. Zeile.
Walter Schulte 10 months ago in Portal Ideas for Adabas & Natural / General 0 Released

Encreasing the result list if using the „Find Report Function“ (PF9) under 1- Reports with defined keywords.

Under 1 – Report / PF9 it is possible to search reports with defined keywords. If the result list is greater then 100 only the message „Number of Records > 100“ is shown. It would be helpful if the result list could be increased for example to ...
Christina Möllenberg 12 months ago in Entire System Management and Cronus / Entire Output Management (NOM) 0 Released

Add support for PassTickets to EntireX Adapter ApplinX Connections

The EntireX Adapter for Integration Server supports PassTickets for IPIC and Socket Listener connections. ApplinX connections are dependent on the EntireX Adapter. Please add support for PassTickets to ApplinX Connections in Integration Server. ...
Wayne Campos about 1 year ago in ApplinX / API Enablement / Security 0 Released

Multi-session support

Multi session support for the same browser session: allow users to open multiple browser tabs to access the Java/DotNet web application, but each tab will use its own applinx session. This is a requirement we see repeated from multiple new and pot...
Elron Itzhak about 1 year ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 1 Released

Filter/Find for PLOG list

We are replicating from 5 ADABAS DBs in production and the PLOG list show the PLOG entries from the last 3 years in the list, sometime up to 6-8 entries per day. That means that to find recent entries we need to scroll down thousand of entries to ...
Rúnar Magnússon about 1 year ago in Adabas for z/OS / Event Replicator Server (ARF) 3 Released

NATRPCxx is called in the so-called system mode and have limited steplib list

We are using many of the USRnnnn user exits.The Natural library SYSEXT is always a steplib, to all Natural processes, including Natural RPCs.We don't copy any USRnnnn to any of the fuser libraries. We are implementing NATRPC02 and NATRPC03 with th...
Hezi Shirazi about 1 year ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud / Natural (NAT) / Security 0 Released

Adabas REST Server should show date and time of "Last FDT Modification"

Problem:After sendung a request to Adabas REST Server to show Adabas file details via swagger api (get /adabas/database/{dbid}/file/{file_nr} it responds with the adarep file attribute "loaded on" in the xml tag <LastModification>. The adare...
Andreas Heitzer about 1 year ago in Adabas for Linux and Cloud / Adabas Manager / Usability 0 Released

adarep should show "loaded on" date and time for Adabas files

Problem: "adarep content" shows only date in column "loaded on". "adarep file=nnn" shows no "loaded on" date or time. Adabas Manager knows date and time in file attribute "File Load Date". This means time of "loaded on" is stored in adabas db. Req...
Andreas Heitzer about 1 year ago in Adabas for Linux and Cloud / Adabas (ADA-Linux) / Usability / Utilities 0 Released

JobID in User Exit USR4002N

Please add the JobID of the current runtime environment to USR4002N
Alexander Schuster over 1 year ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 0 Released