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ADABAS SQL GATEWAY / CDD administration / a way to retrieve meta data "Last update time"

Hi we operate several system environments (production, test, development etc.). Currently there are 12 environments active. Each environment has its dedicated CDD. Each CDD holds the definition of mutliple applications. The definition for a specif...
Christian Held over 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Not in Plan

Improvement of the Stop behavior on VMS side (statistics usages on log files)

Would it be possible to have a clean stop of Connx binaries on VMS side (+add of system usage statistics of the stopped processes into the log files) instead of having a simple “stop/id” ? For now, when stopping Connx from Linux side and when co...
Stephane Moreau over 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Not in Plan

Having type 3 to be /0 compliant with the ALLOWNULLINCHAR=1

Our needs it to be able to recover data after NULL value when using type 3 "Text Expandable" field and having ALLOWNULLINCHAR enabled. Nowthe data type we are using (Text Expandable), stops at the null terminator (even withALLOWNULLINCHAR=1) Larry...
Stephane Moreau over 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Under development

Connx Exception error code to catch (issue on Open VMS)

Please take into consideration the exchange here below in order to improve the error code of connx. De: McGhaw, Larry [] Envoyé: lundi 5 novembre 2018 23:16 À: Jean-Philippe Lutz; MOREAU Stéphane DTSI/DSI Objet: ...
Stephane Moreau over 2 years ago in CONNX 0 Not in Plan

ACE - Enhance Data Dictionary Comparison Tool

The Data Dictionary Comparison Tool is a very helpful utility for comparing one CDD to another. It would be even more helpful if a CDD could be compared against an Adabas FDT. There are times I would like to knowthat allchangesmade to Adabas files...
Guest over 2 years ago in CONNX 1 Future consideration

ADADBS with ZIIP=YES brings ADARUN Error-23

An ADADBS OPERCOM ends as follows: 'ADARUN DATABASE = 009, PROG = ADADBS, ZIIP = YES ADARUN Error-23, Invalid value for parameter ZIIP' and aborts with an 'ABEND SYSTEM = 000 USER = 0035'. As a result, subsequent steps no longer start. All non-ZI...
Reiner Koester over 2 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Usability / Utilities / zIIP 0 Future consideration

Customer would like to have Batch access to Import/Export

The Hartford would like a quote for a customer-paid product enhancement to provide command line access support for the Import/Export actions.
Darsh Cook almost 3 years ago in JIS & JI 0 New

Support required JI with Tomcat 8.5.50

we have installed the tomcat 8.5.50 on our Dev environment because of SSL vulnerabilities and it seems to work OK. Our management would like to know,will you support Jacada Integrator with Tomcat 8.5.50?
Guest almost 3 years ago in JIS & JI 0 New

NaturalONE profiler - Provide unload of trace events to file

Allow NaturalONE profile to unload selected trace events to file, e.g. .CSV filer for further analysis.
Guest almost 3 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 1 Future consideration

NaturalONE profiler - Use Trace event to zoom in on focus area

When selecting trace event to log, this should give a better overview of consumsion of ressources in this area. If you select database events (Before and After), a tab should form that agregate the time spend in database calls, per Natural stateme...
Guest almost 3 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 1 Not in Plan