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Due to the recent acquisition by IBM, the Adabas & Natural Ideas Portal does not contain ideas from products ApplinX and EntireX any longer. Please refer to the IBM Ideas Portal for these products from now on (IBMid required). Existing content will be migrated during the next few weeks.

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Identify which skeleton's are used when JCL is generated in SMA

When JCL is generated for a JOB in SMA, we do not know which SKELETON's are being used. If we need to customize the SKELETON to meet customer standards then we have to hunt for the right skeleton that was pulled in. What I ended up doing was addin...
Raul Chiriboga 6 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 0 Under development

Naural API to retrieve 'DUMP ZAPS' information

It would be nice to have an API method of retrieving the information provided by the DUMP ZAPS command. When working with the application and testing of zaps applied to the various core and sub-product components of Natural, having a programmatic ...
David Gahring 8 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 3 Under development

provide API to manage LDAP profiles

The LDAP profiles provide the means to maintain one primary and one alternate LDAP server to satisfy login queries. A log entry can be activated to indicate when a query had to go to the alternate profile to satisfy the query. When that happens, c...
Douglas Kelly about 1 year ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud / Natural Security (NSC) 0 Under development

Copy SYSOUT Files not only to BS2000 Nodes, but to Linux Nodes also

In 'Job maintenance', for Unix and Windows jobs, it is possible to define a handover of SYSOUT files from the execution system to a BS2000 system. This is done by setting a 'SYSOUT node' (together with a 'SYSOUT Cat ID' and a 'SYSOUT User ID') in ...
Hermann Pfeiffer about 1 year ago in Entire System Management and Cronus / Entire Operation (NOP) 0 Under development

Userexit to write SMF records without switching into TCB mode

We have an ongoing Assembler replacement project and want to get rid of a routine which writes SMF records for statistics data. This routine is called around 60 million times a day from RPC transactions. Every call causes a switch from zIIP to the GP
Alexander Schuster over 1 year ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural (NAT) 0 Under development

active help for keywords

Is it possible to implement an active help for the keywords in NOM? Getting a list of defined keywords in the system and perhaps also the number of report definitions which include this keyword. Of course only if performance is acceptable.
Christina Möllenberg over 1 year ago in Entire System Management and Cronus / Entire Output Management (NOM) 0 Under development

Support dynamic relation between sources during deployment

We have sources that includes copy codes using variables (&1&) these variables are then used in the copy code to either include LDA/PDAs or call subprograms. These "dynamic" includes / calls are not supported by the parser that determines ...
Jesper Orland over 1 year ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Under development

Tool to Monitor NDV

Sometimes our NDV server is consistently using higher than normal CPU and it appears if something is looping. There is no way to investigate this other than the MONITOR which gives you very limited information. We use NDV for SPoD and NatOne. We n...
Maria Monedero over 1 year ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural Development Server (NDV) 2 Under development

NPR-View: ZIIP-CPU-Time needed

We need the posibility to get not only the CPU-Time from GCP, but also from ZIIP-CPU-Time for example in ACTIVE-JOBS. For example an ADABAS-DB shows actually 140 seconds CPU-Time used in ACTIVE-Jobs. On zOS we see, that the DB used 6700 seconds CP...
Reiner Koester over 1 year ago in Entire System Management and Cronus / Entire System Server (NPR) 0 Under development

Enhance Define filters view

Hello. The Define filters window does not display all the elements, even if you try to enlarge it. In my example, the MACIDEVL filter does not appear, and the Temp filter patterns are not displayed (you can only access them with the down arrow ke...
Gerald BEAU almost 2 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 1 Under development