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Examine command new options

Add new features for Examine command: Let assume I have a string dynamic array: #str (a/1:6) dynamic const <"10","1","31","20","2","21"> I want to search for the string "1" in that array, so I want to get index 2 that it is exactly the same ...
Hezi Shirazi 3 months ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud / Natural (NAT) 4 Not in Plan

Introduce parallelism when using MultiDB feature

For now, when we use multiDB feature, the DBs are queried sequentially wich lead to poor performance when the number of DB arises. It should be usefull to make the queries in parallel on each DB of the pool. By example, an algorithm like "K-WAY me...
Didier Rigoli 4 months ago in CONNX 1 Not in Plan


Hi as we have on error cmd in a module level, it will be very helpful to have same upon a cmd level (such as in java/c$/python & etc: try/catch)
Hezi Shirazi 6 months ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud / Natural (NAT) 1 Not in Plan

allow multiple LDAP hosts in LDAP connection

Many tools with LDAP connection strings allow multiple hosts, such as ldapsearch's -H parameter. Can this be implemented in place of or in addition to the active/alternate/archive profile scheme NSC uses? For most customers (including most AD LDAP...
Douglas Kelly 8 months ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud / Natural Security (NSC) 2 Not in Plan

New Parameter for ZIIP switching

When our Batch Natural for Ziip JOBS do a lot of I/Os the switching that happens even when using the I/O buffer causes the elapsed time to increase & greatly affects the batch window, which is unacceptable. I propose a new parameter to allevia...
Ilan Hirschowitz 10 months ago in Natural for z/OS / Natural for zIIP (NAZ) 0 Not in Plan

Exhibit 3270 port for Natural/Linux.

Tests were done which were promising - that ApplinX could exhibit a 3270 emulation port to Natural on Linux. This feature would be fantastic in rehosting projects.
Bjarne Soerensen 11 months ago in ApplinX / Usability 0 Not in Plan

enable "silent" printing (default printer) for PrintAPI

Previous Applinx solutions using Java applet or Java web start had the option to print straight to the user's default printer (without a printer prompt). Using the new BaseObject API for printing results in a loss of that ability. Please add the o...
Elron Itzhak 12 months ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 1 Not in Plan

Dynamic Code Covearge Control even after a natural process is running like Profiler

No description provided
Hezi Shirazi over 1 year ago in Natural for Linux and Cloud / Natural (NAT) 2 Not in Plan

Allow WSDL XML Schema validations.

The WSDL generated for ApplinX Web services does not allow for configuration of request validation elements that would be checked by the web service stack. These include (most wanted): Marking an input field as mandatory Marking an input array to ...
Bjarne Soerensen over 1 year ago in ApplinX / API Enablement 0 Not in Plan

Printer status in NOM

Printer Control Functions : Start a printer Stop a printer - Stops immediately all the printer activities. Halt a printer - Stops the printer after it will finish the report currently printing. Move a report to another printer/user. Copy a report ...
Brouria Carni Hadass over 1 year ago in Entire System Management and Cronus / Entire Output Management (NOM) 0 Not in Plan