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Profiler y Code Coverage

1. Development Process (NaturalONE) Code Coverage: According to the documentation (after several redirections in this documentation), it is not possible to use the Code Coverage from NaturalONE in Online mode in Mainframe environments. To use it f...
Fernando Díaz over 1 year ago in NaturalONE / Usability 1 Future consideration

Record actions in production environment.

Some sites have a pre-requisite that all work done in the production environment is recorded for auditing purposes. For example, the desktop (and terminal emulator) and keystrokes are recorded on video. This also covered emergency Natural develope...
Bjarne Soerensen 8 months ago in NaturalONE / Security 0 Future consideration

NaturalOne: Filtering Natural Build Console

In Natural Build Console they show at certain events a list of all inline subroutines in copycodes.This is very disturbing and puts the attention away from really events on ndv server.So we´d like a feature to filter out this and just show really ...
Georg Kratz-Kummetz about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 1 Under Review

Recording testdata for NaturalONE test tool

NaturalONE contains a test tool that allow you to re-run test cases from CSV files. We have a lot of complex subprograms, with many parameters, therefore it would be a big help to "record" calls to subprograms during execution. If you turn on reco...
Guest about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Future consideration

ONE: NATstyle: automatic execution of 'Clear NATstyle Violations'

When a Natural source is modified after a 'Check Code with NATstyle' has been executed the former violation markers are probably not valid any more. The user has to start 'Clear NATstyle Violations' manually to make them disappear. Even if you st...
Guest about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Under Review

ONE: Icons for the NATstyle functions in the Eclipse toolbar

NATstyle messages do not disappear automatically. In most cases the user has to execute the function "Clear NATstyle Violations" to make them disappear. Therefore it would be very comfortable if there was an icon in the Eclipse toolbar to execute ...
Guest about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 1 Not in Plan

ONE: Integrate NATstyle into the parsing process of the Natural Source Editor

NATstyle should be integrated into the parsing process of the Natural Source Editor. Advantages:- Errors could be marked while editing.- Error markers would be always on correct line. "This would have the benefit that the user could see NATstyle p...
Guest about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Under Review

Shortcut to "Stow" (Upload to private mode library)

When you are in an object editor (E.g. program editor) there are no shortcut to "stow" the changed object. You can save the object by using CTRL+S, but you need to find the object in the navigator view and select it and do ALT+T to get it "stowed"...
Guest about 2 years ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 1 Not in Plan

Support dynamic relation between sources during deployment

We have sources that includes copy codes using variables (&1&) these variables are then used in the copy code to either include LDA/PDAs or call subprograms. These "dynamic" includes / calls are not supported by the parser that determines ...
Jesper Orland 9 months ago in NaturalONE / NaturalONE (ONE) 0 Planned

facility to invoke NATdoc generation outside of Eclipse

Provide a scriptable means of generating NATdoc's to enable including documentation updates as part of automated deployments
Douglas Kelly almost 2 years ago in NaturalONE / Usability 0 Under Review