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Auto extend of sort and temp files in utilities [--> ADAMF-122]

Auto extend sort and temp files in execution of utilities, the same as the MPM is able to auto extend ASSO and DATA when they become full.No more midnight calls because SORT SIZE TOO SMALL.
Yechiel Adar over 2 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Usability / Utilities 1 Under Review

ADABAS-Utilities: LPB-Limit 32 k too small

The Prefetch Buffer Size (LPB) for utilities is too small (max. 32K). We start a NATURAL-Batch-program with a multi-fetch-buffer (ADARUN PREFSBL = Single-Buffer-Length) of 4.600.000. In this Case we need about 5000 Calls to read a file with 2,3 ...
Reiner Koester over 2 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Scalability / Usability / Utilities 3 Planned

adasel: getting actual lob field reference

//DDSIIN DD DISP=SHR,DSN=QSYSCM.DB004.PLOG.D220411 //DDCARD DD * ADARUN PROG=ADASEL,DB=004,SVC=235,DE=8393,DSF=YES /* //DDKARTE DD * SELECT ALL RECORDS FROM FILE 2811 WITH ISN = 11119 DISPLAY ALL END // instead of just giving the text 'lob field...
Ernst Chvatal about 2 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Usability / Utilities 3 New

Printing DRIVES & DATASET info., when ADAREP is run against a SAVETAPE

We have very old backups on VTS tape system with multipledatasets (DRIVES ranging from 3-8). To know the state of the backup we ran ADAREP SAVETAPEagainst a 2007 Backup dataset, which was taken with DRIVES=3. And followinginformation is listed at ...
Zaffer Khan about 3 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Usability / Utilities 0 Planned

Adadbs Deallocate by cylinders

The DEALLOCATE function of the ADADBS utility is accepting values for the size parameters (ACSIZE | AC2SIZE | DSSIZE | NISIZE | UISIZE) only in units of RABN blocks.Most other utilities and functions allow the provision of size values in blocks or...
Guest about 3 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Usability / Utilities 0 Planned

ADASEL Enhancement to Produce Output for UsSERDATA from an ET

Looking for an enhancement to ADASEL that allows the product to write out USERDATA that is produced not only by a C5 command but also by an ET command.
Guest about 3 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Utilities 0 Planned

Switch protection log at ET SYNC of ADASAV on-line SAVE.

Many sites do a FEOFPLjust afteran ADASAVSAVEon-line backup has ended. This makes me wonder if they think they then only need the newprotection log during a recovery.To correct such misunderstandings please allow the specification of a FEOFPL para...
Bjarne Soerensen about 3 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Utilities 0 Planned

ADASEL: Increase DDEXPA DD cards to maximum of 99, similar to ASSO & DATA DD Cards

We are managing VLDB ADABAS database serving the population of the country. Our national Database contains more than 150 ADABAS Files. Many a times, we are tasked with producing transactional investigations using multiple large Protection Logs ag...
Zaffer Khan 4 months ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Usability / Utilities 1 New

Allow ADACMP DECOMPRESS to write ASCII without UES enabled nucleus.

The ability for ADACMP DECOMPRESS to write non-EBCDIC in combination with a user-specified format buffer is great. It would be even greater if it could work without the nucleus being UES enabled. Allow an ADACMP parameter to force the source codep...
Bjarne Soerensen over 1 year ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Utilities 0 New


It would be nice to have the ability to stop/re-route ADAU20 messages to the system consol (z/OS). We developed a tool to RESTORE/SAVE a bundle of files between ADABAS environments with ADASAV, and I wonder why LOCK/UNLOCK ADAU20 messages put by A...
Guest about 3 years ago in Adabas for z/OS / Adabas (ADA-zOS) / Utilities / zIIP 0 Planned