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Remove Unused elements in array

When creating a multi dimensional array, not all elements in the array are full (if it all Numeric fields we will have all zeros). So, we actually dont need to send the empty elements, because there actually not supposed to be sent. So, Ia want to...
Hezi Shirazi about 2 months ago in EntireX 2 Planned

Mainframe license check frequency

Minimise JES output utilisation Operational advantage. Simplify automatic log analysis. Ensure visibility of significant job log events. I have a situation in an z/OS system where the LPAR Capacity is modified dynamically, with the consequence tha...
Michael Brice 4 months ago in EntireX 1 Planned

Allow IDLs created after IS services to use limited size arrays instead of only variable-size arrays

Currently, IDLs created after IS services that interchange arrays do not have the capability of limiting the number of occurrences of these arrays, but they always use variable size arrays. This can pose a security risk, making it easy for attacke...
Javier Camara 11 months ago in EntireX 0 Under Review

Make only one call to EntireX Broker per service called

When calling a service via WS-Stack / Listener for XML/SOAP to a Broker, each service call results in 3 calls to the Broker. Logon The service call it self Logoff This is the case even if AUTOLOGON is ON. A. I would be possible to avoid the LOGON ...
Jesper Orland 4 months ago in EntireX 1 Planned

Optimize and Application Monitoring does not support EntireX SVC/Net stub

Application Monitoring for EntireX is currently only supported if TCP/IP stubs in theentire call, also internally on the Mainframe. It is our impression that SVC on z/OS is by far the most common setup for internalcommunication. And also the faste...
Guest about 2 years ago in EntireX 1 Not in Plan

Open up for using the wM IS Deployer in the "free" wM IS for EntireX

At installations where they are using CI/CD, there is a clear expectation that it should be possible to deploy packages from wM IS, between their environments using scripting. After talking to several experts the obvious way of doing this is to us...
Finn Haastrup over 1 year ago in EntireX 0 Not in Plan

OAuth support from EntireX XMLRPC server

Let EntireX XMLRPC server call services / APIs that requires OAuth authentication. By allowing EntireX XMLRPC server to provide ClientID and Secret to the called service.
Jesper Orland over 1 year ago in EntireX 0 Future consideration

Application Monitoring: Callback User Exit example for Elastic Search

From my experience the most popular platform for monitoring data like the ones that come out of AppMon is Elastic Search. I suggest that there is an example code for pushing the data in there.
Finn Haastrup over 1 year ago in EntireX 0 Under Review

Documentation: add "select OS" radio buttons

when viewing Broker Attributes (such as there are options that apply to some platforms and not others, flagged by the "Op...
Douglas Kelly over 1 year ago in EntireX 2 Not in Plan

WSDL - minOccurs=0 | nillable="true"

We have some problem with Null Value Suppression.Currently, we have enable the Null Value Suppression, and we have “No Suppression”.However, in the WSDL generated, we haven’t “nillable”. We need to change each element in “.xmm” file to add “nillab...
Guest about 2 years ago in EntireX 0 Not in Plan