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deployment of web services on REST without restart

Enable deployment of web services/procedure groups on REST with having to restart the applinx server in order to deploy and use those newly deployed services
Elron Itzhak 1 day ago in ApplinX / High Availability 0 New

set HTTP headers for procedure and/or procedure group

Enable setting http headers in the http response of web services, so custom headers can be set in the procedures in a procedure group.
Elron Itzhak 1 day ago in ApplinX / API Enablement 0 New

ApplinX to support HA deployment

existing ApplinX customers having growing demands for a higher survival system but facing missing ApplinX licensing enforcement mechanism to enable HA architecture. an example: customer entitlement: 1,000 connections. preferred HA deployment of 2 ...
Gadi Benedek about 1 month ago in ApplinX / High Availability 0 New

Retrieve applinx application properties

Enable to retrieve applinx application properties through using APIs: host name/address, session recording location, application timeouts etc.The APIs would help develop more advanced developments in web applications: Host name/address: In cases c...
Elron Itzhak 17 days ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 0 New

Exhibit 3270 port for Natural/Linux.

Tests were done which were promising - that ApplinX could exhibit a 3270 emulation port to Natural on Linux. This feature would be fantastic in rehosting projects.
Bjarne Soerensen about 2 months ago in ApplinX / Usability 0 New

enable "silent" printing (default printer) for PrintAPI

Previous Applinx solutions using Java applet or Java web start had the option to print straight to the user's default printer (without a printer prompt). Using the new BaseObject API for printing results in a loss of that ability. Please add the o...
Elron Itzhak 3 months ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 0 New

Add support for PassTickets to EntireX Adapter ApplinX Connections

The EntireX Adapter for Integration Server supports PassTickets for IPIC and Socket Listener connections. ApplinX connections are dependent on the EntireX Adapter. Please add support for PassTickets to ApplinX Connections in Integration Server. ...
Wayne Campos 4 months ago in ApplinX / API Enablement 0 Planned

debug inner procedures

Customers with a correct modulated application use a lot of sub path procedures, but as of today, there is no way to debug any inner procedure calls, without stopping the debug execution and debugging the sub-procedure separately. In many cases, t...
Elron Itzhak 4 months ago in ApplinX / Usability 0 New

Default tomcat log rotation

customers often find out late that their applinx tomcat logs are taking a very large amount of their hard drive - new customers and existing customers with new servers. Setting at least a default would safeguard this issue from happening (as most ...
Elron Itzhak 4 months ago in ApplinX / Usability 0 New

Multiple applinx instances in same page (DOM) support

Enable our customers that are using their own web application to host applinx web sessions (iframes on their web page) to have multiple instances of applinx running on the same (customer) web page
Elron Itzhak 4 months ago in ApplinX / Web Enablement 0 New