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Allow IDLs created after IS services to use limited size arrays instead of only variable-size arrays

Currently, IDLs created after IS services that interchange arrays do not have the capability of limiting the number of occurrences of these arrays, but they always use variable size arrays. This can pose a security risk, making it easy for attacke...
Javier Camara over 1 year ago in EntireX 0 Under Review

New Concept SAG Licenses

SAG Product Licenses for zOS (ADA/AZPAD/NAT/NAZ/EXX/NPR) often including some Version number, somewhat differing from the Version to install. For example:1. ADABAS 8.5.4 - License contains a Version 8.4. NATURAL 9.2.1 - License contains a Version ...
Walter Schulte 10 months ago in EntireX 0 Under Review

Application Monitoring: Callback User Exit example for Elastic Search

From my experience the most popular platform for monitoring data like the ones that come out of AppMon is Elastic Search. I suggest that there is an example code for pushing the data in there.
Finn Haastrup about 2 years ago in EntireX 0 Under Review