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two-way SSL handshake between the web application and ApplinX

Communication between ApplinX Server and the ApplinX Base Object (which resides on the web server or application server) can be encrypted using SSL. This means one-way SSL connection, i.e., from the web application to ApplinX. We need two-way SSL ...
Alicia Garcia Garcia over 2 years ago in ApplinX / Security 1 Not in Plan

Java Web Start printer app auto-close

Java Web Start/java printer application today might be disconnected during after some time or a connection would fail when a the printer java app is executed.Customer's users are using a Citrix desktop and their Java printer app is hidden and they...
Elron Itzhak over 2 years ago in ApplinX 0 Future consideration

Allow use of Admin Web Services from inside procedures

The use of Admin Web Services requires the user-id and password of an ApplinX administrator. To make use of Admin Web Services from within the ApplinX application - the user-id and password needs to be hard-coded (visible to developers) and may ne...
Bjarne Soerensen over 2 years ago in ApplinX 0 New

Make environment information available in procedures.

It would be useful in procedures to get the values of thejava arguments that were used to start the ApplinX server program – like java ... -Dcatalina.base=/opt/so... -MyCICS=CICSPROD -MyTCPAdr=%TCPADDR%– like as an Expression ServerArgument(“MyTCP...
Bjarne Soerensen over 2 years ago in ApplinX 1 New